Lancaster, Depew and Elma are the focus of our Chamber of Commerce and we are here to help you!

How can a small business compete with a corporation that has a large advertising budget?  The answer is through investing in a sponsorship or event marketing opportunity.

Some facts about sponsorship opportunities.  Sponsorship and event marketing opportunities are a cost effective channel of communication.  An average a company will spend 25 percent of their overall marketing and advertising budget on these marketing tactics.

Community sponsorship and event marketing opportunities are less expensive than traditional media advertising.  They support a particular organization, cause and local community event.

At the Lancaster Depew Elma Chamber of Commerce we work with member companies to determine the best fit for their investment.  We offer a wide range of sponsorship opportunities ranging from only $150 to our $1,000 Premier Events sponsorship opportunities.  All sponsorship dollars are used by The Lancaster Depew Elma Chamber of Commerce to host the events on behalf of our members and allow the members to build business relationships in a variety of venues.

Contact The Lancaster Depew Elma Chamber of Commerce today to discuss your company goals and we will help you decide the best sponsorship opportunity to meet those goals.  Call us at 716-681-9755 or email us info@wnychamber.com.

Thank you to all of our many sponsors for their support!