“Next 20”- Professional Development Sessions & Workshops

“NEXT 20” is a series of professional development sessions and workshops designed to help our members create and execute better business plans. Experts in applicable fields will be available to help.

Method: Uses a coaching process that creates actionable plans and stresses accountability for the results detailed in the plans. Participating businesses can be new at business planning or have an active planning process in place that can be improved

Who should participate? Business owners, corporate officers and anyone responsible for their company’s business planning process.

The Lancaster Area Chamber of Commerce is seeking speakers for the 2017 Next 20 Speakers Series.
• Presentation should be no more than 30 minutes in length
• Presentation must be relevant for all businesses and is not a forum to showcase your company
• Must be Lancaster Area Chamber of Commerce member in good standing.

We are requesting a Word Document that details the following from anyone interested in being considered a speaker:

• Your name, position, and company
• Overview of topic to be covered
• Describe how you will help promote the event
• Describe or attach handouts to be used during presentation
Please remit by email to: info@wnychamber.suwdzru4-liquidwebsites.com to be considered.

To fill slots available, speakers will be selected based on relevancy for our members and fulfilling the established criteria.

Please indicate which month(s) you would be available to present should you be selected.

__ Money Management: January – February – March

__ Revenue Building: April – May- June

__ Innovation & Entrepreneurship: July- August – September

__ Organization Development: October – November – December